Turn your landscaped garden into a winter wonderland

Your plants may be resting, now that winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you should put your landscaping efforts to rest. In fact, according to expert landscapers, it would be a mistake to disregard the to-dos of your winter garden. As a matter of fact, some careful planning in the autumn can create a winter wonderland out of your garden and make the landscape shine.

For this to happen, you should follow these winter landscaping tips:

  • Winter WonderlandBark should take the focus – although it is true that deciduous trees lose all of their leaves in the winter, their branches and trunks remain on focus. That is not necessarily bad since ornamental trees, and distinctive bark makes for a great sight in the winter. Such components add much interest to the area. You can even consider shrubs since it is easy to find spots for them.
  • Berries are a nice touch – berries are a lovely addition to every winter landscape. Shrubs and trees produce berries, which often extend to the winter season. These can then serve as a food source for overwintering birds in the area, but also to contribute to the winter scenery with their lovely colour. Imagine a holly with berries – it is wonderful.
  • You cannot do without evergreens – no winter landscape should ever do without evergreens. If you don’t think so, you haven’t considered the benefits. For one, they possess colour, whether it be yellow, blue, or anything in between. Their shape is such that they make a nice winter design. Last but not least, evergreens also contribute to the scenery throughout the rest of the year.
  • Use your hardscape – you can use this opportunity to assess the different components of your landscape and figure out where the missing focal points are. Sometimes the solution will be evident and it won’t even come in the form of a plant. After all, hardscape elements can truly contribute to that wonderland feel you should be going for. Whether it is a trellis, an arbour, a bench or a garden sculpture, every element holds certain charm in the winter.
  • Consider 4-season perennials – perennials with evergreen foliage are the best – hellebores, dianthus and ornamental grasses all make a wonderful winter landscape addition. When you pick your plants, be sure to read their label. There is usually information on whether the plant produces foliage in the winter.
  • Winterise summertime containers – surely you have hanging baskets, containers and window boxes. All of these can significantly aid the landscape in the winter. You can fill them with broadleaf evergreens, which are a great addition to your plants in the winter. You can also add interest to these containers by filling them with boughs and twigs of different texture. Anything with colour works to emphasise the wonderful feeling of the season.

Now that you know how to turn your landscape into a winter wonderland, you can bet that it will become a magical and beautiful place.

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