Winter landscaping tips you should not miss

For gardeners in snowy regions, getting cold feet about the winter months is the most normal thing. The coming of the season means that plants are at rest, and colours are practically no longer. There is usually just a palette of grey and white. 

But to think there is nothing to do in the winter, landscape-wise, would be a mistake. Addressing a few accents here and there during that time can lead to a beautiful landscape, which holds its ground against the stark promise of winter. If you wish to find out a few interesting landscaping tips for the winter that will make you love your yard even more, read further: 

Bark focus

Winter Landscaping Tips You Should Not Miss

While it is true that deciduous trees lose all of their leaves in the winter, it is their branches and trunks you should focus on. In fact, the tree losing all its leaves presents a great opportunity for you to make the most of ornamental trees with a distinctive bark. When the leaves fall, they will add visual interest to the place. A good number of these trees are smaller, which means you will more easily find a place for them in the winter landscape. Some of the top picks are birch and dogwoods, both of which contribute with colour and texture. 

Don’t forget about evergreens

Evergreens make for a lovely addition to any winter landscape. They have so much to add. For starters, their colour is great. Fact is, there is not just green, but also yellow and some blue, such dwarf blue spruce. Besides, an evergreen tree in the garden makes for a good design solution, since it becomes a focal point pretty much year-round. You can include 1 or 2 evergreens in the garden and then work a border around the place. Make sure to have at least one evergreen when you plant a bed. 

Your hardscape requires assessment

Winter is the best time to take a critical look at your landscape and assess the situation. Be on the lookout for places that lack a little interest. Sometimes you don’t even need to consider plants, to enhance the winter landscape. The answer may be hardscaping – adding a bench, or perhaps an arbour can often transform the area. You may even want to go bold and add a garden sculpture somewhere. When all the greenery is gone, you can see the best spot for all of that and more. 

Add berries to the mixWinter Landscaping Tips

Some of the trees and shrubs hold onto their berries in the autumn and winter months. These are excellent for all of the overwintering birds out there. Crabapples, for example, keep their little fruit, making it a great addition to the winter landscape. You can easily create a holly with these berries. 

Choose perennials for four seasons

Many perennials have evergreen foliage hellebores, ornamental grasses and even dianthus. Many gardeners like to use them because they make for a great addition to their winter landscaping. Ensure you read the label on the plant to see if it keeps its foliage in the winter. That is the only way to ensure you will enjoy it year-round. 

Beautify your summertime containers

Hanging baskets, window boxes and containers for the winter all make a great addition to winter landscaping. If you don’t have the plants, you can fill the containers with some evergreen boughs of various textures and still gain the benefit of their looks. 

Following all of these tips can up your winter landscaping game.

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