How to make the most of a small patio area

Backyard area presents many opportunities for designing a beautiful place that you can enjoy with family and friends, or even on your own. Alfresco dinners and quiet moments with your favourite book and tea when the weather allows await when you get the right landscape design for the patio.

Even if the area is small, you needn’t worry about a thing. There are ways to make the most of the outdoor space you have. Even a small patio can turn into a comfortable oasis for you to enjoy and cherish the time spent in it.

Following are some nifty tips for a small patio that you should try out:

  • Patio Design TipsMake the area more cheerful – if there is one thing more important than the size of the courtyard, it has to be the feeling it projects. No matter how small the area is, you can still make it cheerful with colourful additions and subtle touches. Pick furniture design and colours that keep your sight on them for just a bit longer than usual. That is how you will not care at all whether space is huge and offers enough area to hold a big party or only has sufficient area to accommodate you and a few others.
  • Implement an original floor – a small patio can do with minimalist setting. However, one thing you must not forget to add is a creative floor type. A patterned deck is a great addition that makes a difference. Choose a pattern that creates the illusion of continuity and makes sure you include a point of interest.
  • Rethink the area – a small patio should not be dismissed, just because weeds overrun it and it has an awkward location. Even a small patch of land can be turned into a poetic space for lunch, reading or some other activity that demands a small table and seating. That is all you need to enjoy the outdoors, even when the area in question that is part of your home is small.
  • PatioStrategic choices about furniture – nowadays there are numerous furniture options on the market. A lot of them are well-designed with space-saving utility in mind. There are plenty of options to choose from: nesting tables and chairs, folding furniture and two-in-one type of furniture that serve a dual purpose, for example, benches and ottomans.
  • Include a mirror – you are probably aware of the trick that many shops use: adding mirrors to create the illusion of space. Well, that is one trick you can borrow for free from them and add a mirror to your patio. Of course, this will not physically expand the place, but it will create more depth. You will find the eye is easily tricked into perceiving the area to be larger when looking into a mirror.

Obviously, you’d prefer a larger patio, but sometimes that is just not possible. In such a case, you should work with what you have to create a pleasant space.

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