Common design errors you can make with the patio

Designing a good patio is not as easy as you might think. Whether you have a small space or there is plenty of room to work with, you need to be mindful of the choices you make. Without proper planning and idea development, the project could turn into one big landscaping mistake.

There are many pitfalls along the way. It is safe to say that you may need the aid of professionals to get the right design. But if you are going down the DIY path, at the very least you should know of the most common mistakes that people make when designing the patio, in order to avoid them.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Patio Design ErrorsOverwhelming the place – while it is understandable that you want the largest table and the largest lounge, it may be prudent to reconsider. When it comes to patios, bigger features don’t always mean better. If you overcrowd the space, you will find out it is hardly a good idea. Measure carefully, and trust your gut instincts – if something feels too large, it is likely so.
  • Cheaper solutions – it is okay to keep costs down, but it is not okay to sacrifice quality. Sometimes spending cheap money on something means that you will need to replace it soon enough and that just means extra expenses in the long run. Such is the case with patio furniture and many other garden features.
  • Leaving too big of a gap – regardless if you are using tiles, bricks, or some other material for your patio, make sure there is no big gap between the pieces. They need to be packed nicely, without huge space between them. Often times, even if just one tile or brick loosens, the whole look of the place suffers. One more mistake related to paving material is the filler you use. It needs to be of the right type and contain the right amount of bonding materials. That way you will extend the life of the area and ensure no damage.
  • Ignoring drainage – since your patio rests outside and is thus exposed to the elements, you cannot have water pooling on it. That can easily damage the foundation and lead to costly repairs. The area needs to have the right inclination so that runoff is ensured. At the same time, make sure the surface doesn’t feel slanted.
  • Disregard of inside-outside flow – you need to think about the adjacent indoor space when designing the patio. The outside area needs to feel like a natural extension to the inside one. That creates a consistent look. Without it, the patio will feel out of place.
  • Wrong plants – plants are an essential component of every good patio. You need to select them with care, as plants that grow and flourish as intended are often better than plants that you need to trim. This also saves you time and effort.

Avoiding these common mistakes when designing the patio is essential for its good looks.

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