Patio and garden furniture cleaning tips

With lovely weather, it is only normal for everyone to be ready to go outside to make the most of it. This is a well-known drill, which even you will want to follow. There is just one thing you need to consider: have you been diligent in washing down and preparing the furniture for winter, in addition to cleaning the patio area of moss and mildew? 

If your answer is yes, then you deserve some congratulations. This article is more about the people who haven’t done this, and as a result, the patio and furniture items they way to use outdoors are looking rather gloomy. Some maintenance and cleaning are in order, and you best start with this task right now. Here are some tips you should follow before you can finally sit outside and enjoy the weather.

First of all, let’s address the decking/patio

Patio And Garden Furniture Cleaning Tips

 To clean the decking …

First of all, you should stay on top of your cleaning routine and remove any debris from the decking. Any moisture that leaves and other spoils get trapped there, and that leads to mould and mildew. A stiff broom is all you need to clean the area. If you think you need to do some deep clean, then find an appropriate deck cleaning solution. If your deck is of softwoods, be sure to preserve them by applying some preservative and then varnish. 

Cleaning paving slabs

This area of the patio you will have to scrub. Find a stiff brush and some patio cleaner for the task. You can also use a jet washer with the appropriate attachment for this task. 

Cleaning furniture, depending on what type it is

Cast Aluminium

Washing up liquid is usually enough to get aluminium clean. Make a solution in a bucket and wipe down the furniture items. Be on the lookout for any chipped paint or other kinds of damage. Touch up damaged areas with enamel paint, but make sure to rub off any loose pieces first. 


Leaving this outdoors for the winter is a no-go. If you have done this, it is better to get a new set, as it is not robust enough to endure the cold. 


Cleaning this with a plastic brush and a detergent solution is a good idea. If there are any stains, you best address them with some bleach solution. A good alternative to this is using a pressure washer. 

Wrought and cast ironGarden Cleaning Tips

To give this kind of furniture a good look, rub it down with wire wool. If necessary, you can repaint any areas of the furniture. First, apply some anti-rust primer, and then a new lick of paint. 

Wooden furniture

If you have hardwood furniture, like oak, mahogany, teak or cedar, you should know they do quite well against the elements. You can give them a quick wipe with teak oil a few times a year to keep their colour intact. Softer woods, like ash, beech, elm and pine need some more care and attention. Applying wood preservative and then varnish is a good way to keep them intact. As for cleaning, wiping with soapy water should be enough to get the job done. 

Tubular metal

For the plastic coating, you can easily wipe any impurities with warm water and some detergent. Don’t forget to coat the furniture with light wax polish. 

Now that you know how to take care of your deck and patio area, you can better enjoy them when the weather allows it. 

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