5 tips to plan the perfect landscape design

When it comes to landscape design, there is one thing you will hear from all experts: planning is everything. Regardless if you are entirely changing the look and use of the place or just doing minor adjustments, you will want to carefully make an action plan, to get the best results.

Don’t ever make the mistake that so many others make: heading out to their gardening store and jumping into purchases that later they find rather disappointing. To have the best landscape design, you need to invest time in planning.

These tips will help you out a lot with that:

  • Landscape Design TipsKnow the yard well – before you advance your ideas, you really need to get familiar with the topography of your yard, the climate of the area and the type of soil you have. All of these factors play a crucial role in what plants you buy, where you plant them and what features you get in your yard. Without taking all of that into consideration, you will not be able to get the right plants that thrive in the microclimate of your yard, nor will you be able to ensure that water drains away from your home when it rains.
  • Who will use the place – who will be the main visitor of your yard and how are they going to use it? These are essential questions you want to ask yourself because this affects how you design the space. For instance, whether you have pets and/or children will largely determine if you need some free space for them to run around. If you use the yard mostly for gardening purposes, then maybe you require a shed. If you like to have outdoor dinners when the weather allows it, you could create a dining area and a barbecue space.
  • Landscaping TipsDon’t forget about maintenance – it is easy to start daydreaming about how you will use the place and what features you will get. However, no matter what you have in your yard, you will always need to invest in maintenance. If you don’t know how to maintain a certain part of your landscaped garden, then go for something else. Otherwise, the area will lose its charm.
  • Get some focal points in there – if you wish to capture the attention of anyone entering your yard, you should implement focal points. These could be garden ornaments, structures or even plants placed strategically to stand out from the rest of your garden.
  • Think about the whole picture – instead of focusing on every single element of the garden one at a time, be sure to think how it will all connect. All these shapes, forms, textures and colours need to work together, to give the yard smooth appearance and consistency.

All of these landscaping tips work great for when you are planning the design of your yard. Keep them all in mind, and you will have the perfect area in no time at all.

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