How to take care of an outdoor fountain

maintain outdoor fountain

How to take care of an outdoor fountainIf your garden design features an outdoor fountain, you are definitely on the right track. It can add great ambience to the place and make it more beautiful than ever. With the wide range of designs and shapes to choose from, you will be able to select the best one that fits your garden.

While it is true that an outdoor fountain makes a superb addition to every garden, it should be noted that is the case only when the water feature is properly maintained. You cannot neglect it and still expect it to look good and function properly.

How to properly maintain your outdoor fountain:

  • Check for signs of wear – most usually, you can expect to find a fountain out in the yard enduring the elements all day. Heat, snow, rain, strong wind, dirt and even animal activity can affect a fountain’s operational power and make it less effective. What is more, if you don’t address potential problems in time, they might cause the water feature to malfunction entirely. That is why doing frequent checks is so important.
  • Keep the pump in working order – the pump of the fountain is that crucial component, which keeps the whole thing going at all times. If you notice that it is not working properly or is working at reduced capacity, you should shut it off and see what repairs are needed. Do a check on it at least once a month. Clear out any debris, such as leaves, which can accumulate on the intake valve and even housing. Flush the hose lines and pump to clear out clogs. Replace any filters and components, if they are damaged. By ensuring your fountain pump is in working order, you can be sure the water feature will delight you greatly.
  •  landscape design fountainClean the fountain surface – different factors affect how clean the fountain is. There are a few notable problems that appear to be reoccurring at all times: algae blooms, mineral deposits and animal waste. The problem with algae is that these organisms flourish really well in summer months if your fountain is exposed to direct sunlight. Use diluted bleach and gently scrub the affected area. Consider adding a product to keep algae in check. Animal doesn’t require a specialised solution, as only frequent wipes with a damp are more than enough. If the fountain has developed white, crusty hard-water deposits, you should scrub with vinegar. The water will wash away the rest.
  • Replenish the water frequently – you will do well to change the water in your outdoor fountain once a week at the very least. That way it will remain fresh and smell good. You can mix in additives to prevent algae growth and limit deposit buildup. That way the system will run smoothly and keep the fountain in a beautiful condition.

By going through these steps, you can be sure that your fountain will be maintained in top condition at all times. That way it will keep your garden looking and feeling spectacular.

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