Cleaning Tips to Help You Spiff Out Your Patio This Summer

Cleaning Tips To Help You Spiff Out Your Patio This Summer

With the coming of summer, you are more likely to spend more time around the outdoor space of your patio. But to enjoy it better, you will need to invest in some care, cleaning and maintenance of that area, especially since it can get rather messy. According to landscaping experts, cleaning the patio and sprucing it up also helps against wood rot, pest invasions and even some issues that can carry into the interior.

Invest some Time in Following these Patio Cleaning Tips for the Best Results: 

Pressure wash the deck Pressure Wash The Deck 

This is perhaps the most time-intensive task, but arguably one of the most important ones. Pressure washing is a great way to remove mould spores from the wood and the stone around the deck and patio areas. Opting for a pressure washer can expect less water than a hose but achieve much better results. Pressure washing removes deeply ingrained stains and any residue from the area. Before you begin this task, you should clear away all furniture and other items. Always wash from top to bottom and point the pressure washer away from your home to prevent the water from pooling. 

Get in the habit of mopping and sweeping regularly 

Pressure washing the patio can get it very clean, but you cannot always rely on it. Instead, you should sweep the area at least once weekly to ensure no debris build-up. If there are any spots you need to address, grab a spot cleaning scrub brush. Make sure you scrub with the grain to avoid damaging the deck surface. Mopping can also be handy, as it removes drink spills and dirt. 

Scrub the outdoor rug 

If you have an outdoor rug, you want to scrub it to preserve its vibrancy and integrity. First, you should give it a good shake and vacuum it. Then, scrub it with a scrub brush and rinse with water. Lay it flat on a clean surface and let it dry. Remember to store your outdoor rugs when they are not in use to extend their life. 

Cleaning your grill Cleaning The Grill

Nothing beats some bbq outside on the patio during the cool summer nights. To make good food, you have to clean the grill first. One method you can try out is baking soda and water paste. It is abrasive and eco-friendly, two good characteristics of a helpful cleaning solution. You can use a wire brush for some deep cleaning action to scour any residue on the grates. If nothing works, use a de-greaser for the parts that are heavily spoiled by food. 

Remove bugs from porch lights 

If your light fixtures are messy with many bugs, you can use vinegar and a toothbrush to de-bug them. You can remove any light bulbs to have more room to clean the crevices thoroughly. A glass cleaner also works well; you can also use it on the outdoor table. 

Spruce up your sitting area –

Outdoor furnishings often experience wear and tear by the elements and a build-up of dust or mould issues. Use a cloth to deal with dust and vacuum the furnishings often. You can wipe them down with mild soap and water for optimal results. 

Cleaning your patio can reveal its beauty and make your time outdoors much more enjoyable. 

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