3 notable benefits of using decorative stones in your garden

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A lot of landscapes today feature decorative stones. They are a beautiful addition to any garden. If you haven’t discovered this landscape feature yet, it is time to do so now. The main thing about this type of mulch is what advantages it holds over bark mulch for instance, which is the type it is most compare it to.

It’s true that it’s up to your preference, but you need to know what you get with stones.

  1. Benefits Of Having Decorative StonesLow maintenance cost – perhaps the most notable benefit of stones is their low maintenance cost. If you check out other types of mulch, you will realise that you often need to replace the products as they decompose into the soil. Take a look at bark mulch for instance. Once every year you will notice patches of mulched ground bare since the material has either decomposed or got displaced. Adding new mulch is then necessary if you want to maintain its purpose and looks. Over time this adds up to extra expenses, which are no small consideration to make. Decorative stones, such as gravel require much less maintenance if any at all. You pay a larger price upfront, but you will make no other expenses once you install it. It doesn’t decompose, so there is no need to replace it on a yearly basis. Furthermore, stones block most of the sunlight, so weed growth is not going to be a concern either. Without the needs to replace them or worry about weeds, you see how the low maintenance requirement of stones truly shines.
  2. Stones protect plants – plants are vulnerable to heat in the summer months. Drying out is a genuine concern that you should address. Why not consider decorative rocks? As they take the brunt of the heat and light from the sun, plant roots remain under constant protection. This gives plants an edge in the summer and improves their odds of surviving a dry spell. In the winter, there is another problem – roots can become cold and die out. Again, decorative stones are here to help, as they add a layer of insulation to prevent heat from escaping the soil.Gardening Tips
  3. Variety of colour – other mulching materials like bark only come in short supply of colour. You can mostly choose from brown, black and sometimes grey. If you are looking for something a bit more different, you will not be able to find it. Decorative stones don’t have such a drawback. They come in a wide range of colours for you to choose from. Take your pick from the following: black, white, blue, purple, pink, beige, red and many, many more. Of course, it is essential to know what stone you are after, though just knowing you have plenty of colours to choose makes it easier for you.

Evidently, there are plenty of benefits to decorative stones. Talk with your landscaper on how you can incorporate these into your garden to reap all of the benefits they offer.

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