6 wonderful ideas for backyard landscaping

While sometimes it may feel like coming up with a cool backyard landscaping idea is easy, doing what is best for the place may elude you. Sure, there are plenty of projects and features to choose from out there, but it takes some careful planning to do the right makeover of the place. Regardless if you are looking to overhaul the entire place, or just looking for simple ideas on a budget, you should look for inspiration.

Following are some ideas to give you just that:

  • Backyard Landscaping IdeasGet a water feature – perhaps one of the most popular and preferred solutions is installing a water feature. This is a wonderful option for gardens with a drainage problem, where erosion and runoff cause a headache. Instead of tolerating a large damp spot in the middle of your garden, you can excavate the area and turn it into a water feature. Not only will this solve the issue, but also turn the defect into effect and provide the place with a fantastic focal point.
  • Play around with pavers – another excellent solution for your landscape is adding pavers. But don’t just go with the standard layouts – try something new instead. For instance, you can divide a single path into islands of flagstone, separating them by thick turf. Not only will they act as a solid walkway solution, but also help diversify the looks of the place.
  • Soften the deck – one thing that acts as an eye-sore in many gardens is leggy supports of the deck area. This can be improved, however, mainly by camouflaging them. A wide enough flower borders work well to that end, as it not only hides the supports but also introduces colour. Another cool option would be to add tall perennial plants, like ornamental grass for example.
  • Gardening Landscaping TipsMask an eyesore in your landscape – landscaping around what you consider to be an eyesore in the garden is a good thing to do. For example, if you think the door of your shed is making the view of the yard rather gloomy, tear it down. Cover the opening with several vintage shutters and place a weatherproof table in front. That way you will not bother with an ugly sight in the garden.
  • A pergola is nice – as you plant your backyard, don’t discard the option of getting an arbour or a pergola as a stand-alone element. That will emphasise it as an architectural focal point and make it look like an art installation. Go with natural materials, and you will see how great it looks.
  • Light a fire – adding a fireplace is a sure way to extend the season for outdoor activities. Once you get the roaring fire in place, you can have a nice cool al-fresco dinner. Whenever you are not using the fireplace, you can turn it into a stage for potted plants.

These are just a handful of landscaping ideas for your backyard. Each of them works wonders for the place and can make a difference for the better.

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