6 common landscaping blunders to avoid

When it comes to landscaping, you will want to know how to do your yard so that it looks good. However, before you set your sights to grand projects and features, it is a good idea to start off easy, or at the very least commit to doing no harm to the area.

Perhaps the best way to do just that is to learn of the possible mistakes that landscaping rookies make. That way, you will know what to avoid and work on getting your garden to a presentable shape. So without further delay, let’s dive straight into the most common landscaping errors:

You install plants that grow big along the house foundation

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Foundation plantings look amazing at the outset, but at a later time, you will find out the result to be less than satisfying.

In many cases, it can even be a disaster. Often times, people make a mistake with the poor choice of plants. When plants mature, they can quickly outgrow the space you have allocated for them, making them more of a nuisance than an improvement to the area. If you constantly have to trim and cut back a plant, it is hardly an ideal situation. To avoid such an issue, it is a good idea to consider the plant height and width, before you commit to a plant.

You use ground covers that are far too effective

Sure, you don’t want weeds to ruin your otherwise good looking landscape, and that is why you will employ ground covers. But you have to ensure that the treatment is not worse than the disease because many ground covers often get out of hand. English ivy is a typical example. It can take over the area, as it grows vigorously and can soon present you with different challenges.

You disregard the position of plants and do not achieve an optimal display

Remember that one of the best features of plants is what they offer on display. To accomplish that, you have to plant them in masses and not so much scattered around. Grouping plants together is always a winning strategy, especially when you consider the fact you will be better able to take care of them.

Before you prune anything, research it6 Common Landscaping Blunders To Avoid

It is understandable if you want to prune your shrubs, but you have to do some research first. It is not a task you can just decide on a whim and do. Pruning has the potential to help your plants, but it can also cripple them if you don’t do it right. So either educate yourself on pruning or call in the experts who know how to do it.

You mismanage the lawn

There are a lot of mistakes you can make when it comes to the lawn. For example, a lot of people go overboard on the size of the lawn. When it is too big, you will find that maintenance is a nightmare. Another mistake is installing no mowing strips. You better consider them if you are aiming for an easier time mowing.

You overestimate your DIY skills

You know, there are landscaping services that you can always rely on. Needless to say, experts can easily take care of the job and show you how it is done. However, some people are stubborn DIY-ers, and they fail to treat their landscape correctly. As a result, it ends up rather messy for them. Don’t be like them.

Now that you are familiar with the most common landscaping mistakes, you can easily avoid them. That will soon enough show with your landscape being in perfect shape.

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