Caring for Your Patio – 8 Tips You Should Follow at All Times

Caring For Your Patio 8 Tips You Should Follow At All Times

Owning a home with a patio gives you a great place to enjoy your evenings, a warm and sunny day or simply increase the aesthetic appeal of your building. The thing about patios is that they also require a bit of maintenance, so you can’t simply let them be and forget the need for upkeep entirely.

Tips that Will Give You a Few Pointers to Keep your Patio Sturdy and Spotless

Sweep it regularlySweep The Patio Regularly

The first step to keeping the patio clean is to sweep it up as often as you can. Dust and dirt buildup can quickly make it look pretty awful, so give it a go once a week, keeping the space presentable and tidy.

Using a Paver Sealer

If your patio gets exposed to the elements, you must consider the use of a paver sealer. This is a great way to protect your materials, from stone pavers to concrete. Using a sealer as soon as possible will ensure you won’t regret things further down the line.

Cleaning Stubborn Spots

Cleaning your patio can be a real annoyance if you have some tougher stains present. You can target these with a deck brush and some mild detergent, getting rid of any staining in most cases.

Replacing Stained or Broken Patio Elements

If you have any damaged or stained patio elements you can’t fix or clean, then you should replace individual pieces and refresh the look. Don’t let them stay as eyesores. This will give you a chance to keep the pristine look going, while at the same time preventing bigger problems further down the line.

Rinsing the Patio with WaterPatio Cleaning

Since dirt may build up on your patio, you may feel tempted to get it out using a power washer. In most cases a simple rinse with a bit of detergent is more than enough, so you won’t have to go that far. You should be careful with the cleaners you’re using, as some harsh chemicals may damage your surfaces. Cleaning the patio without damaging it won’t require too much hard work, as simple dish soap can do the job.

Using Polymeric Sand

Sand is most often used to keep the bricks of a patio together. Since weeds tend to favour some types of sand over others, the use of polymeric sand helps combat that tendency. The same goes for small creatures and sand, as and helps maintain your patio with less work involved.

Using Natural Solutions to Kill Weeds

Since weeds are a problem for patios, you may think about pulling them out when they pop out of the ground. The problem is, they’ll be back after a while. You can solve the problem in a more permanent solution by using vinegar and water to kill them. This type of solution is eco-friendly and it won’t be toxic for family, friends and your pets.

Getting a Pop of Colour

When you set up your first patio, it may feel exciting since you have a lot of fresh colours in the yard. The colours of the patio may appear to clash with the environment, but they will fade with time as sunlight, wind and moisture degrade them. In many cases, you can solve that by washing them with a gentle cleanser and a tough deck brush. That way you can remove the dirt locked in it and give your patio a nice and clean look. When you’re done, you can reseal the patio again to keep it fresh for much longer.

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