7 mistakes you should not make with your landscape design

7 Mistakes You Should Not Make With Your Landscape Design

Early spring is the best time to start thinking about the landscape features in your garden and what you can do to improve them. It is the season of planning renovations, new projects and everything else you want to do to your outdoor area to make it more beautiful and presentable. According to professional landscape gardeners, you need to consider not only new plans but also potential mistakes that you can make, to stay on top of the process.

Tips to avoid some of the most common landscape design issues: 

Buy small items Buy Small Plants

Sometimes it can be very tempting to go after big plants in an attempt to make your garden feel bigger. That is the case for trees and privacy hedges. However, you can pay a high price for impatience. Sometimes you can buy a plant in a small pot and nurture it to a good size, instead of immediately going after the big ones. 

Go with pots, not pandemonium 

One of the accessories of your garden is potted plants. And if you think you can go overboard with the numbers of them, you are wrong. It is best to be more selective about them and group them well, instead of putting different styles of plants together. Consider traits like colours, size and materials, to create harmony in the area. 

Leave some room around 

If you think your plants are going to stay small, you are wrong. You have to factor in how much they grow and leave some room around them. When you plant, it is normal to frown and the bare spots, but given time, plants will fill those up. It is completely normal to leave more space around, as you want to have some room in the garden to breathe and not make it feel cramped. 

Simplicity is sometimes bestSimplicity Is Sometimes Best  

If you think that blurring the line between the outdoor part of your home and your indoors is nice, you may fall into the temptation of turning the garden into another living room. But always remember that since your home is blessed with an outdoor area, you best allow yourself to experience nature. In that sense, you don’t need rugs and lamps there. Instead, go for a mossy underfoot to make for better carpeting than any artificial fabric. 

Pare down your hardscape materials 

When it comes to hardscaping, you don’t want to feature materials that clash. The colour of the deck in front of your home should go along nicely with the colour of your front door and roof for example. Consider limiting the amount of material you use when you lay down brick and stone. It is best to let plants steal the show, so hardscape in moderation. 

Foliage is also important 

It is easy to be tempted by flowers. But it is equally important to pay attention to plants for their leaves and all of their characteristics – colour, shape and texture. If you think about it, it is leaves you will be seeing for most of the year, so it only makes sense to plan for that. 

Go for comfort 

Outdoor furniture does need the durability trait, but that doesn’t mean it should be most uncomfortable. If you get a wide chair or a deep sofa, you can easily sink there with a good book and feel at home. An outdoor seating area should always prioritise comfort. 

Avoiding all of these landscape design mistakes is a sure way to get to the landscape area you desire and enjoy it for days to come. 

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