6 great ways of keeping your patio cool

6 Great Ways Of Keeping Your Patio Cool

If you have built up your patio in the backyard, you have a great spot to enjoy good weather outside of your home. You can have family and friends come over and enjoy the perfect location that landscaping ideas make possible. However, if you find that the weather is too hot, you may want to consider a few additions to keep the patio cool and fun at the same time. 

Best Additions to Keep the Patio Cool and Fun at the Same Time

Get a pool In Ground Pool

Obviously, this is something you can do given there is enough space for a pool, although some options really offer more compact solutions. An in-ground is an all-time classic in terms of backyard accessories. It adds great value to a home and provides numerous entertainment options. You just need to decide on what sort of pool shape fits the space, as well as how to make the most of it. It is recommended to work with a landscape designer on this, to guarantee the best results. 

Patio umbrellas are a must 

Whether you like to read outside, or have dinner, you should be able to cool off with some patio umbrellas. Not only are they going to contribute to the overall aesthetics of the place, but also keep strong UV rays off of you so that you can enjoy your favourite activities. You can get an umbrella set with a table that fits in the middle and protects you while you are eating. Or better yet, you can get a freestanding umbrella to move around as you please. 

Installing a misting system is a good idea 

You can instantly enhance the comfort levels of the patio with a mist system. When the weather is hot, you will look to the mister as a saving grace. It can really reduce the temperature within close range of its surroundings. One drawback is that you may not want to use one if you are going to read there, because the water droplets can land on the book. 

A pergola is a popular choice Pergola

A pergola adds some precious shaded space to a patio and you can take full advantage of that. The structure is functional and can even dictate the overall style of the place. Adding things like potted plants, stringed lights and flowers is entirely up to you. If there are insects you are worried about, you can even equip curtains to keep them out. There are a ton of options to further decorating your pergola and making the most of it both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. 

Retractable screen offers a good solution 

If you are after decent UV protection, then you can go with a retractable screen. It is enough to keep the comfort and coolness of the area. It also serves double-duty by keeping pests out of the way. The best part of it is that you can enjoy the fresh air outside. And when you feel like you want to soak up some sunshine rays, you can make the screen go up. 

Fans to the rescue 

Fans provide the option of a cool breeze in the summer, which is a great way to combat the heat. They are also a bug deterrent, meaning you won’t need to worry about spraying around. One thing about fans to remember is that they do not cool the air, but merely cause it to circulate. They can still have a cooling effect, so it is worth considering this option. 

All of these ideas work to make your patio a cooler place in the summer, which is exactly what you will enjoy. 

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