5 landscaping tips that can easily earn you rewards

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A beginner gardener or not, we all want our garden spaces to look picture-perfect. Even if you don’t have enough experience, you can still create a flawless design for your garden that can beat the projects of advanced gardeners. In order to achieve this goal, however, you should adopt the most effective landscaping tips to rely on.

Ideal Landscaping Tips

So if you’ve got the itch to create a reward-winning garden, you need to stick to some smart approaches, just like the five tips below:

Consider planting closely 

No matter what species you intend to plant, keeping them close together will make the garden look exuberant and lush. In addition to having a fabulous impact on the appearance of your garden, this technique can contribute to an easier maintenance. Planting your species close together means that the opportunity for weeds to invade your beds has been reduced to a minimum. While tackling weeds is a job you will gladly steer clear of, be reasonable with the number of plants you add. Planting close by looks amazing and discourages weeds from appearing, as long as you leave enough space for your plants to thrive.

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Height is crucial 

While planning on the future design of your landscape, don’t forget that plants grow and your garden beds will evolve over time. For that reason you should consider height and plant taller species in the back, leaving front space for shorter plants. This way you will be able to create a harmonious front yard garden your friends and neighbors will admire.

Play with colours and textures 

You should realise that in order to put your garden on the cover of a famous gardening magazine, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Surely lining up flowers of the same shade and texture would seem like a well-arranged garden, but this is not enough for the space to stand out. Quite the opposite, you should play with colours by planting flowers of various shades like mixing yellow species with purple ones or green plants with bright red groups of plants. As far as textures are concerned, you should be just as bold as you were when combining colours. Ferns, for example, look lovely when planted close to a palm tree. Their different textures make your garden look impressive, rather than showing off a typical space controlled by lack of imagination.

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Don’t let weather conditions stop you 

In a perfect world you would have the chance to avoid extreme temperatures, but you shouldn’t allow freezing weather prevent you from getting a garden that could win awards. Do you live in a region where temperatures drop below zero? Fear not, go for those beautiful palms you adore, just take some preventative measures. Cover your plants with layers of burlap or take advantage of Styrofoam to keep them safe from the freezing weather outdoors. If weather outside is not that extreme, laying mulch would also do the job. Perennials, for example, will benefit from a deep layer of mulch that consists of chopped leaves. The same approach should be used when it comes to shrub beds. Of course preserving your plants from extreme temperatures is not the only option and if you are unwilling to invest great efforts in winter maintenance, you can simply replant once spring arrives.

Mind illumination 

Unless you are planning on using your garden only during daily hours, ensuring an appropriate light is a must. No landscape could be complete without glamorous illumination, so add lights alongside paths or hook up electrical wires. That’s how you will manage to not only make your garden space look cosier, but you will be mindful of the practical aspect as well.

Turning your simple garden into a real masterpiece could be challenging, but the outcome is worth the effort. Keep in mind these incredible landscaping tips and you will get much closer to designing a reward-winning garden.

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