Few landscaping mistakes you should avoid in the winter

Surely you want to preserve the outside area of your home in good shape throughout winter. With the coming of the cold season, this is somewhat difficult, especially if you are not as experienced. Without a landscaping expert by your side, you can make certain mistakes, which are definitely bad for the place.

In this guide, you will learn more about these mistakes and hopefully avoid them:

  • You cut grass too low – one of the most common mistakes people make in regards to the lawn is cutting grass too low. The main reason is that doing so makes grass rather susceptible to damage. Keep this in mind when you do the final cutting for the year, as you don’t want to leave grass vulnerable when temperatures drop and winter sets in. You can consult with a landscaping expert on the type of grass you have and how short you should cut it in the winter months.
  • Winter Landscaping MistakesUsing the wrong kind of fertiliser – sure, there are many various fertilisers available on the market, but you need to pick the ones most suitable for your plants. Then there is also the season factor to consider. Some fertilisers do not work well with cold temperatures, such as granule fertiliser. This one takes rather long to dissolve and so it is best to use it when temperatures are still warm. It is best to apply fertiliser through a spray applicator, as that way your plants receive the essential nutrients.
  • You don’t apply mulch – applying mulch around your plants and trees in the winter is very useful. However, you only gain the benefits when you use high-quality mulch, such as bark chips and shredded leaves. At least the latter is easy to make, considering the shower of fallen leaves that occurs just before winter. Remember, if you don’t use mulch, you leave plant roots vulnerable to extreme temperatures and pests. It is important to apply mulch before the ground has frozen, or else doing it holds no benefit.
  • You think minor pest problems are insignificant – you should never ignore pest problems, no matter how big or small they may seem. It is essential to remedy the issue before winter comes, as it can spiral out of control. Many overwintering insects can wreck your garden if you disregard them.
  • You overdo it with the weed killers – you shouldn’t use weed killers on your plants during winter. The liquid can freeze, and it generally doesn’t work with too cold temperatures. Besides, if you were careful during the rest of the year, you may not have to worry about weeds at all.
  • You don’t declutter the yard – the autumn season sure takes a toll on the yard. There are plenty of leaves to rake, in addition to the stuff you have just lying around. If you let leaves in the garden, mould and fungus can become a real issue. The added benefit of decluttering the yard is that you can more easily deal with snow later on.

These are all mistakes that you should be mindful of when winter comes around. That way you will stay on top of your landscaping tasks.

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