All you need to know about water features

If you feel like your garden is lacking something, maybe it is time to diversify it a little with a water feature. Such an addition will definitely make the place better in so many aspects. For one, it adds motion and pleasant sound, which you will much enjoy when dining al fresco or just walking around the place.

You need to learn a few things about it, to ensure the best outcome for the garden:

  • Water FeaturesThere is not always need for water supply – pretty much all of the water features of today come with self-containing systems, which means you don’t really need to worry about water supply. This makes planning for their location easier since there is one less factor to consider.
  • You will need an electricity supply – if you want a feature with moving water, you will need electricity for its pump. Since all features with running water need a pump of some sort, you will have to consider that. One thing you should keep in mind is there are solar powered units, which work well for generating electricity for the pump.
  • Water features are fundamentally the same – most of them have a water reservoir and a pump to transport the water through a pipe. With a little help from gravity, the water ends up in the tank, only to be pumped back up. The water system may be surrounded by stainless steel or a granite block, perhaps even a sculpture. It doesn’t change the principle of work.
  • Make sure you like the sound – one of the best things about a water feature is the sound it makes. As such, you need to like how they sound, or else you are in trouble. Make sure it is on the exotic side, not like you are filling the tub. It also needs to be strong enough, not like a trickle, which will mostly annoy you.
  • London Gardening TipsYou have to clean it – since there is water involved, your water feature will get slimy over time. You have to clean it well, and the only way to do this is to drain the water so you can work on the surfaces with a scrub. It is the only way to clean it thoroughly.
  • Don’t put it under a tree – it is not wise to place the water feature under a tree. That sets up the scene for all sorts of debris, which contribute to a state of mess. Make sure you know what is on top of your water feature before you install it.
  • Light it up – some of the most beautiful water features come with built-in lighting, which does wonders for the water. When you look from the inside of your home, you will be quite impressed.
  • Safety considerations – if you have children running around, you need to install some safety measures for open water features so that children don’t just wander into the water.

By now you know the essentials of water features. You can now better prepare your garden for having one.

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