5 landscape features you can include this summer

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Summer is here with all of its landscaping opportunities and challenges. How you take care of your garden is entirely up to you. However, there are certain things you must focus on: flowers, lawn, trees, and shrubs. Also, garden features.

Landscape features really make a solid impact on the looks of your outdoor area. You want a garden that is not only green and rich in plant life but one that has a distinct feature, which can really capture the interest as a focal point of the place. Following are a few such features, which you can have in your garden design.

  • 5 landscape features you can include this summerNatural water features – adding water features in your garden goes a really long way in creating a real backyard paradise. Having a source of moving water in the garden adds diversity to what may otherwise seem a still world. Water features include but aren’t limited to: bubbling rocks, ponds, fountains, water statues and waterfall kits. The best part about them is that they can be integrated into various backyards and landscape designs. Whether you use the place for a quiet al fresco dinner or for entertainment with the kids, you will surely appreciate the diversity a water feature adds.
  • Illumination – if you want to hit two birds with one stone and enhance the looks of your home while boosting safety at the same time. The answer is exterior lighting. Illuminating the outdoors of your home, you will be able to see every step of your way and avoid nasty accidents. On a side note, exterior lights can help you highlight some aspects of your home, such as walkways, water features, plants, walls, fences areas, and gazebos. There are countless possibilities for illumination – from string lights to spotlights.
  • landscape gardening londonA touch of warmth – adding a fire-based feature is no strange idea, especially when you consider spending time at night. An outdoor fireplace, a fire pit or a fire table can make unexpectedly cold nights bearable and even enjoyable outside. There is nothing quite like having the perfect setting for your family and guests supported by the light and warmth of a fire.
  • Patio time – if you think that spending a morning in the garden with a cup of tea or the evening with your family for a dinner is nice, then you definitely need a patio. Patios can be really well-made, with flagstone, as it is smooth and allows for optimal grip and natural appearance.
  • Driveways and walkways – at some point, your driveway and walkway will need a revamp. Both of these areas see heavy traffic throughout the year, so it only makes sense to give them some love. Invest in good quality paves, slabs and stones so that the result is lasting. You don’t want to spend money every year due to damage, do you?

There is no doubt that your landscape design will look fabulous with any of these features. If you invest in them today, you will be more than glad tomorrow as you take a look at your wonderful garden.

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