Perk your patio this spring with these 7 ideas


Perk your patio this spring with these 7 ideas - spring garden landscaping tips

With the weather warming up, it is time to turn some attention to your patio, deck and outside area. After all, if you have the chance, you will surely want to spend some time with your family.

In order to ensure you have a pleasant time, you have to ensure that your patio and deck is up to the task. You can make it a great living area by following a few ideas:

  • Clean it – often times the best way to ensure your patio and deck areas look fabulous is to just clean them. Giving the outdoor space a good scrub may seem like a lot of work, but keep in mind it will make a huge difference. Give your furniture and porch rockers a good wash. Scrub with some dish washing detergent in a bucket of water and hose them down. Seat cushions and umbrellas should be cleaned as well.
  • Add flowers – beautiful flowers give any area a new life. This is to say you really should include some beautiful flowers on your patio, if you want to brighten the area. Give your pots and containers a good clean and plant them with your favourite flowers. If you are planting annual flowers, you can greatly boost their growth by adding some fertilisers.
  • A new coat of paint – now, maybe painting the entire area with a new coat of paint is out of the question, as it is no small project. However, you can give individual items, like your rockers, tables, swings and similar a fresh new look. Such a project doesn’t really take more than a few hours and the outcome is great.
  • An outdoor rug – a cool area rug is a wonderful addition to every area, especially if it is not directly exposed to the elements. There are great many shapes and sizes you can pick from. It will add colour and texture to your area.

patio lights

  • Pillows – one element you shouldn’t ever overlook is beautiful pillows. They present a great place to relax after a tiring day doing gardening chores. It is best to look for pillows that dry easily, just in case they are forced to endure rain. If you already have enough pillows, you should give them a good clean and bring them out.
  • Good lighting – your outdoor space will never be complete without proper lighting. What you need to add are some torches, lanterns and solar lights. The main benefit of those is that you can easily move them from one place to another. Battery operated candles are also a good option.
  • Have a special area – in order to complete your outside area, you need to add a special touch in the form of a reading spot, a dining place or whatever makes you happy. Invest your creativity and you will love spending time there.

When it comes to making your patio or deck area more appealing, you can freely utilise as many of these tips as you see fit. Remember that you don’t need to be an expert landscaping guru to utilise them.

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