Attending the beautiful RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Rhs Chelsea Flower ShowNo-one truly knows the meaning of the word ‘beautiful’ until they have visited the RHS Chelsea Flower Show!

This major event has graced us with its presence for over 100 years and is now firmly established as the best garden show in the UK. Many experts that attend this annually even say it is the most famous one in the world!

It attracts countless visitors from numerous countries and is traditionally attended by members of the British Royal Family. There really is nothing as spectacular as the mesmerising garden designs presented by leaders in the industry. Of course, it is not just grand displays the show caters for, but also smaller initiatives, such as urban and artisan gardens. Traditionally, the show takes place at the Royal Hospital Chelsea and this year was no exception.

Fast Landscape Gardening is always aware of such events in the UK. After all, a grand magnificent event such as this must set many garden trends for the future. We always strive for continuous improvement so keeping our eye on new styles and approaches is one of the ways that helps us.

Our team attended the show and were particularly impressed with the Main Pavilion. The exhibition and flower displays reminded everyone why the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is among the finest in the world. The tall grasses of the South Africans seemed to dominate the pavilion, such as agapanthus, kniphofias and pelargoniums. The fact that these plants were all thriving, despite a dry winter, made us wonder if they will be much more common in UK gardens in the future due to global climate changes.

A lot of the gardens were dominated by Mediterranean plant species, basking in the glory of the Sun. Perhaps, these plants will also be seen more and more around the southeastern parts of the UK in years to come?

Indoors, the show had even more to offer. It was a world entirely created as a tribute to nurseries across the country. Alpines, hellebores, gladioli, cacti, orchids and more were on display to showcase the beauty of flowers. We were overwhelmed and inspired by the garlands of roses (mostly of the Patience and Purity) variety.

Fast Landscape Gardening were very happy to have again visited the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. We got so enthused that we will soon begin to consult our clients on the new trends we learned from the event. We are 100% certain that the modern design of the gardens displayed will inspire our customers to try some of them in their own gardens!

Rhs Chelsea Flower Show 2018 2

Rhs Chelsea Flower Show 2018 3

Rhs Chelsea Flower Show


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