How to get your dream garden


Everyone dreams of a perfect garden for spending time with friends and family. However, garden maintenance takes much time, attention and skills. If you can’t do it alone, you could always book¬†gardening services.

Step-by-step to excellence

It’s advisable to make a plan and a list of services that a home owner may have to do for their garden.

– General maintenance

Clearance of lawn, leaves and hedge cutting (including removal of weeds and re-turf), clearing of driveway or patio are a few of the essential things. Many families hire skilled lawn experts who have the suitable tools for commercial and residential work. The hedge needs a lot of attention. It might grow onto the pavement, lose its shape and obscure the house windows.

– Mowing

Grass cutting and lawn moving are popular services used for industrial estates, hotels, domestic gardens of different sizes, communal areas and schools. The services can be rendered on a weekly or fortnightly basis so that the grass area would look tidy and neat at all times. Lawn maintenance furthermore supposes over seeding and aeration.

– Cutting of hedge

Bushes, hedges and figured trees make any garden look amazing and unique. Hedges and bushes must be trimmed at least twice a year or more often if their form is complicated. Well maintained hedges and shrubs will improve the overall appearance drastically. The services include transformation of shape, trimming, wooding and renovation.

– Clearance of waste

Removing waste is a dirty task; however, it’s essential to maintain it in a top condition. Efficient treatment like removal and control of weeds, keeping areas free of tripping hazards helps to prevent a garden from various problems and plant diseases. It must be noted that dumping waste illegally is a criminal offense, and a fine could be enforced. It’s better to talk to a disposal agency or qualified gardeners especially if the amount of waste is pretty large.

– Shingled areas

Currently a lot of pea shingle, decorative limestone, land drainage and pipe bedding are available on any garden market.

– Turfing services

Turfing is an art form that needs good skills to produce a perfect surface from seed. Particular tools are needed to do planting, grounds services and turf laying.

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