Gardening guidelines to bring your garden area to the next level

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When properly designed, your garden could become a lot more than a patch of grass around your house. Instead, it can be turned into a calming outdoor retreat where you could spend time soaking in the sun and enjoying wonderful memories with your family or friends. The following creative gardening tips will help you transform a boring outdoor space into a fantastic getaway:

Add a fountain

Adding a fountain to your garden space will help to create a soothing setting. The sound of running water not only relaxes the mind and restores your body, but it helps to minimize road noise and other distractions.


Consider putting a stone fountain in a hidden corner of your garden. Place a table or lounger nearby so you can relax and enjoy the sound of the water. Then again, you could take a more modern technique by installing a wall fountain next to your patio. The cleaner look provides gentle water sounds, but may be a better fit if your home has modern architecture.

Install pathways

Creating a network of pathways through your yard can not only help to separate the space, but can turn a trip through your yard into a fascinating experience. For a whimsical look, use mosaic stepping stones to design the pathways. If you want a natural design, marble pavers are also a fantastic selection.

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