Gardening and lawn care tips to help prepare for the summer months


There are several changes that could occur in your lawn during the winter. For example, the soil pH is altered, the soil becomes compact and you might have disease thriving and weeds developing in your garden. As a result, you need to eradicate the weeds from the lawn throughout spring. Also, it’s vital that you fertilize, clean, and mow your lawn, if you really want to create the perfect lawn. The winter’s receding frosts and snowfall can expose bare patches in the lawn, introduce unpleasant plants, and make a variety of problems in your garden. Here are some Gardening London tips and hints to help you clean up the mess caused by the harsh winter and prepare for the beautiful summer.

Clean your lawns gently

Spring is considered a sensitive time for lawns and gardens because the soil tends to be spongy, and the plants are tender. The climate is also very unpredictable throughout this season. But nevertheless, there are many actions you can take to revive normality in your gardens and lawns.

For example, you should steer clear of doing heavy garden activities before the soil dries out. The reason being that foot traffic and strong raking might disturb or compact soggy soil or harm the tender grass shoots. Once the soil has dried, give your lawn a gentle cleaning to promote growth while discouraging infestation by pests and diseases. You may get rid of fallen debris and neaten the area using a rake to separate grass shoots.

Sort out soil problems

Spring is the greatest time of the year to do soil tests to discover when the soil will need enrichments. For instance, you’ll want to add lime to your soil if it’s acidic.

Lawns and gardens really are a source of pride for many families. The kids get a location to play while adults get an oasis for relaxing in. Keeping your gardens and lawns looking vibrant and gorgeous does not need to cost you much or result in stress. Follow these Gardening London tips and phone 020 3322 6097 if you require anything else.

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