Planning the front yard landscape

Often people pay attention to front yard landscape, and there is hardly any surprise in that. The area is very important in setting the tone of your entire property. There is nothing like a welcoming landscape to greet you as you make your way in after a long day. This is also the place of your home that you see the most often. Therefore, you have to carefully consider the features you install and how they work together to enhance the space.

Here are some guidelines in that regard:

  • Front Yard LandscapeAssess the area from the outside – don’t limit yourself to the builder’s shrubs, trees and lawn, as there are many more options you can explore. First, consider what will make you happy. What is the landscape feature that you will want to smile upon as you return home? However, don’t ever let this subjective guide be your only consideration. Walk the neighbourhood and see what the overall feel is and how you want your place to click with that.
  • Include a convenient entryway – perhaps the most important aspect of front yard landscaping is planning a functional entryway. It needs to be mostly clear and inviting. You can use structures and plans to lead the visitor where you want to greet them. You can add interest to the door with an accent shrub, a lamp post or perhaps a trellis to guard against wind and rain.
  • Functional steps – most landscapers agree that wide steps are the most convenient thing you can have. Steps should be easy to notice and use. Generally, you should avoid designs with a single step, as that is just too bland. Aim for at least three steps. You can also feature a ramp for slight slopes.
  • Borders and edges – if you want to outline your yard neatly, you can add edgings. They are also the best way to add contrast, colour and texture. If you are after more permanent neatness, you can add landscape timbers or stand tiles and stand flagstones on edge. That, in addition to borders of bulbs, flowers and ground covers can further enhance the area. Don’t set your plants too close to the walk, or they will quickly overgrow it.
  • Landscaping TipsAdd trees for impact – trees are maybe the first thing you should add to a front yard landscape design. The framed view they contribute to is much better than a naked one. As a general rule, you can plant a tree on each side of your house, and another one behind it. Trees also serve the purpose of marking boundaries and separating functional areas.
  • Raised plant beds – using foundation plantings together with raised planting beds is often preferred. You should build them deep enough, so there is enough soil for growth. It is best to locate raised beds in an area that sees at least some shade throughout the day. Else, your plants will have a hard time with the sun and heat reflected from the house walls.

By following these design steps, you can easily create a front yard landscape worthy of admiration.

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