6 big ideas for small gardens

Big Ideas Small Gardens

Easy Gardening HacksIf you have a small garden at home, you need not despair. Even a tiny space can be turned into a beautiful and convenient garden that you love spending time in. All you have to do is do some proper planning and gardening work.

If you think about it, small gardens are not deprived of advantages. If you are no expert gardener, you will find that they are low-maintenance and do not require a ton of effort. You do not need prominent features to call for a drastic effect.

Following are some tips you can follow in that regard:

  • Keep walls white – you know the rule to keep the interior colour white to create the illusion of space. Well, the same goes for your exterior. Because white pain has a notable brightening effect and properties, it is often used in small gardens. By acquiring white garden furniture and painting the walls in your garden white, you are essentially creating the same trick. It is a wonderful summery scheme that will have people’s interest. Nobody will be bothered by the size of the garden when they enjoy a lovely white colour.
  • Place your bet on pots – who said that you need a lawn to have a beautiful garden? You do not need flower beds either. You can rely on low-maintenance flooring options like gravel and lots of pots to create a sweet garden feel. Pots work great for everything from tiny plants to bushes and trees.
  • Multitasking garden – in tight spaces, you need to make use of what you have. For example, by carefully planning and designing the landscape, you can have a seating area, a wall and a flower bed all rolled into one. You can rely on greenery to grant privacy, while a wall is a suitable place to hold lanterns and other items.
  • Mix and match – a lovely small garden with a contemporary look is one that makes use of multiple zones with different materials. For instance, you can have wood stained decking with patio slabs and the occasional chippings and decorative stones. Plant foliage in there and you have yourself an attractive package in a small garden.
  • Big Ideas Small GardensDo not forget furniture – even a small garden space needs some furniture. Objects of interest can be placed in the back of your garden. That way you create the illusion of a bigger space. White furniture works best, especially when set at the back of a paved area. You can further enhance the illusion by strategically placing plants to obstruct the view. Evergreen shrubs, grasses and ground cover all work great.
  • Utilise vertical space – just because you do not have a lot of horizontal space does not mean you cannot make use of the vertical space. A towering wall of plants adds a superb feel to a small garden, because it leaves enough space for furniture and other garden features.

By planning and executing a smart garden design, you can make a small garden feel spacious and comfortable. Keep the described tips in mind as they can make a difference.

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