All you have to understand about the different types of gardening


Even though gardening is an outdoor activity and can be completed by a number of people, it does remain an individual experience. Contrary to popular perception, there are numerous types of Gardening London and when employed will contribute to the outdoor beauty. To discover your ideal style, it is strongly suggested that you get some understanding of each method. This post will provide information on the various styles and the benefits of each.

  1. The home garden

One of the most popular techniques is the home garden. This style is often referred to as ‘backyard gardening’ and is most appropriate for amateur gardeners. The main aim of the home garden approach is to provide a steady supply of organic vegetables for family and friends. Residential gardens are also highly aesthetically pleasing and they can add an amount of colour to the backyard.

One benefit of the home garden is the chance to grow in limited space. As long as the area receives a sufficient amount of light, it is possible to produce a crop of vegetables. In fact, smaller gardens are easier to maintain and monitor – this contributes to the recognition of this technique.

  1. The impact garden

Impact gardens are identical to home gardens because they can grow in small areas however, the garden’s target would be to take full advantage of the limited space. This sort of garden aims at finding methods to optimise the garden’s potential. The vegetation is planted strategically and systematically in a ‘crowded’ format making the impact garden less appropriate for innovative gardeners – a haphazard concept is not going to ensure success of an impact garden.

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