Garden Design Services

5 beginner tips for landscape design

So you feel confident enough to start your landscape design, even though you have zero experience in the field? That is great because every beautiful project needs a starting point. One of the things you will immediately encounter is ...

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Water Features Maintenance

Maintenance of water features

You know well enough how much of a difference a good water feature makes to your garden. Having a pond, a small lake or a fountain included in the garden design is a secure way to add interest and make those summer nights on the porch ...

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landscape gardeners in London

6 lawn design ideas that work

According to many landscape gardeners, the lawn is probably the most important feature of any garden. Thanks to a well-designed lawn, the entire feel of the area is set. It goes without saying that designing the garden should be an ...

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maintain outdoor fountain

How to take care of an outdoor fountain

If your garden design features an outdoor fountain, you are definitely on the right track. It can add great ambience to the place and make it more beautiful than ever. With the wide range of designs and shapes to choose from, you will ...

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